Rapid Application Development.

We follow a rapid application development framework for our app development in which we use prebuilt components to build an app instead of starting everything from scratch which helps us to deliver apps in just 25% of the normal development time.

App Delivery in every 5 days

The first version of the live app will be delivered on 5th day of development with the very basic features. After that we will keep adding the other remaining features one by one to the app. This helps to get a clear visibility of how the app gets developed and hence avoids any sudden surprises at later stage during the final delivery.

Project Kickoff

Design Mockups

Design Signoff

1st Version in 5 days of Development

2nd Version of 10 days of Development

Final Version in 15 days of Development
Beta Testing
Final Release
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Never Burn Your Cash. Have Milestone Payments

We see many customers burning their cash before they could actually see the product. We have awesome milestone payment options which enables you to see the actual app progress in your own device and then pay us after a successful satisfactory milestone.
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