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Our Banking Software Development Solutions Include:

ACH and Check 21

At, The Integrity Webs, we customize your ACH payment processing and Check 21 capabilities to seamlessly integrate e-check processing functionality and credit card processing with secure verification systems and enhanced UX designs.

ACH e-check Solutions

We build custom programming platforms for processing ACH payments with modules to automate ACH file creation, check verification and transmissions to various financial institutions. We engineer apps to expand processing capabilities to accept and process all types of electronic checks and create Remotely Created Check (RCC) images for presentment and deposits.

Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture Development

We create custom Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms to integrate with ParaScript and A2iA to accurately interpret plus analyze CAR/LAR check data. We develop Parse MICR and OCR data software solutions to create Image Cash Letter files (ICL/x9.37) for remote deposit. We also build secure FTP and server development for batch, single, or recurring Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) software.

Check 21 and Electronic Check Processing Services

Our developers customize Check 21 truncation solutions to integrate with MICR check scanner hardware such as RDM, Panini, Canon, Epson, and Burroughs. We develop custom check imaging platforms for integration with e-payment processing as well as third-party check scanners, readers, and credit card terminals for processing and settlement of checks at the point-of-sale (POS).

ACH Payment System Integration

We offer secure ACH (Automated Clearing House) database development integrated to CRM platforms to store accounts, routing numbers, check imaging remittance, automated clearing and customer information on cloud and/or mobile devices. We create web-based platforms for processing single or reoccurring transactions, to intuitively route between multiple payment methods (like e-checks and credit cards) and is able to be configured for point-of-sale hardware.

Mobile banking Applications

Customized Mobile Banking Apps

We provide native mobile banking app development for iOS and Android, utilizing cross- platform development tools such as Xamarin and PhoneGap. Our mobile banking application development services feature easily navigable UI and speedy UX to enhance customer experience on smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We program traditional features, like personal financial management, and advanced qualities, like virtual agents.

Mobile Banking Security Solutions

Security is a top concern when The Integrity Webs’ developers create mobile banking apps. We deploy advanced security features to safeguard transactional data by using SSL encryption, Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS), device registration and two-factor authentication (2FA). We can utilize a native device’s hardware for biometric verification using Fingerprint, face recognition.

Check Remote Deposit Capture

Scan checks from mobile devices and deposit money quicker with remote deposit capture. We develop Remote Deposit Capture modules integrated with your device’s camera function to allow for check truncation and conversion of checks into ACH transactions in compliance with Check 21 mandates. We also develop custom integrations with CRMs to deliver confirmation emails and in-app messaging.

Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking Bill Pay

Our bill pay solutions include enterprise payment environments, which capture customer insights in order to build tailored products for consumers and businesses. We enable data extractions using advanced image processing and data matching technology to run on devices and accurately capture photographed bills. We create custom integrations with Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) and Electronic Invoice and Presentment (EIPP).

Text Message Mobile Banking

Our developers design SMS Application programming interface integrations with banks for access to financial accounts text messaging. Find out available balance, recent checking account transactions, credit card account details and more through a single text. Designated short code with the appropriate mobile banking solution is used to provide up-to-date account information.

CORE Banking System Integration

We integrate mobile banking apps with a financial institution’s existing back-end CORE banking system, using RESTful APIs, which allow seamless cross-channel interactions. The integration offers the convenience of multiple banking features, such as the ability to transfer funds between accounts in real time, access bank statements and name debit and credit cards for identification.

ATM Software Development

ATM Hardware Integration

Our developers provide customized solutions to personalize ATMs, providing customers with a unique banking experience. We program multi-vendor software with integrations to various hardware platforms, including credit and debit card readers (MagTek, ID TECH, VeriFone, and Ingenico), card dispensers and bill dispensers (LG, Fujitsu). We also craft e-transactions and cloud solutions to meet banking compliance requirements.

ATM Monitoring Solutions

Our developers implement enterprise-wide ATM management software for remote diagnostics and monitoring, including back-end and admin portal programming. We also create software for the automatic delivery of system updates and security patches. We offer flexible tracking and domestic and international management of ATM networks within a cohesive self-service network

ATM Migration Solutions

We integrate banking CRMs with Business Intelligence (BI) features, multi-fraud protection, and improved transaction capabilities with credit transfers, currency exchange, and billing statements and requests. Our solutions also allow for loan advances, branch migrations, mobile top up, card-less ATM access and more.

ATM Management Solutions

We revamp CORE banking systems with modern interface solutions across an extensive network of ATMs, self-service kiosks and mobile devices, which enhances the user experience by providing personalized consumer services based on transaction, location, time and personal preferences.

Online banking Software Solutions

Bank Platform
Custom Online Bank Platforms

Our digital online banking software providers develop solutions for a variety of financial institutions, including online-only and private banks, credit unions, trust and asset management companies and more. We provide innovative solutions for features such as crowdfunding, multi-currency e-wallets, cryptocurrency trading and direct money transfers via social platforms. Our advanced platforms are highly secure and allow encrypted bi-lateral transactions.

Mobile Banking
Online Mobile Banking Apps

We make it easy for your customers to bank on the go with hybrid mobile banking apps that utilize tools like PhoneGap to create uniform user experiences across all digital channels, including web, iOS and Android. Our banking software solution uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to store data in a separate system to limit user access and meet FFIEC guidelines.

Core Banking
CORE Banking System Integration

Our developers program end-to-end solutions and software suites for harmonious integration with back-end (CORE) banking systems. We develop services for personalized banking, and administrative functions with secure portals for customers and administrators. Our scalable, modular programming features for account management, messaging, multi-currency conversions, bill payment and more integrate with third-party E-banking services from TIBCO, NexorONE and EBANQ, among others.

Deposit Capture
Deposit Capture

Our developers provide check-cashing solutions to small businesses, sole proprietors and other organizations with customized Check 21 truncation services integrated with MICR check scanner hardware such as RDM, Panini, Canon, Epson and Burroughs. Cash checks from anywhere with our tailored software which parses MICR and OCR data to create image cash letter files for remote deposit and transform checks and ACH into real time digital funds.

Banking ui
Online banking UI/UX

Our developers assess your needs based on analysis of user behavior and motivation through existing workflows and create responsive user interfaces for dynamic online platform applications and websites. We use front-end languages such as CSS, HTML and Javascript to create interactive graphical user interface (GUI) elements such as buttons, menus, icons and branded graphics.

Banking Security
Online Banking Security

Our banking solutions experts ensure your account is kept protected via our air-tight security solutions for networks, servers and applications, which safeguard against security threats, including viruses, interactions with jailbroken devices and cross-channel credential theft. Our developers can implement risk management tools, network security features such as TCI/IP, SSL/TLS, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), One-Time Passwords (OTP), Single Sign-On (SSO) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Core Banking Solutions

Layer 3
Core banking Solutions

Our programmers fully automate all banking system operations with customizable CORE system platforms that utilize multi-tier, Java-based architectures, and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) compatible with existing software and external networks. Our solutions include fully integrated features with optional scalable modules and a comprehensive set of tools to cover loans and mortgages, payment balances, money transfers, and other banking transactions.

Layer 3
Security and Compliance

We design and develop secure, modular CORE banking systems to protect customers, meet government and industry compliance standards, aid in security auditing, and avoid data breaches. We integrate into third-party fraud management systems, including ACI ReD Shield and minFraud. Our solutions have advanced identity and access management, customer risk profiling, data encryption, and recovery capabilities compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

Layer 3
Document Management Solutions

We develop customizable document management and imaging solutions for the retail banking industry to handle significant paper and electronic documents. We can integrate document management solutions with a CORE banking app, human resource information system, and other OBDC/SQL compliant systems. Our document management systems' features include remote access to centralized signatures, workflow automation, smart data capture, and search and retrieval.

Layer 3
Treasury Management Solutions

Our developers create custom, centralized treasury management solutions to oversee cash, funds, risk, liabilities, and guarantee access to funding and liquidity. Our robust front, middle and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software enhances CORE treasury operations with improved efficiency, profitability, and cash management, interest rates, and foreign exchange risks. Outsourcing the application and hardware support reduces costs.

Layer 3
CORE CRM Integrations

Our developers integrate CRM application features to automate reporting of the customer life cycle, including performance monitoring dashboards, KPI tracking, workflow management tools, and sales and marketing automation. Our CRM solutions for banking boost sales, expand productivity, improve service, personalize the customer experience, increase lead conversion, and grow customer loyalty.

Layer 3
SWIFT Integrations

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) is a messaging network that banks use to securely transmit instructions for money transfer through a standardized code system. Our programmers develop modules for the integration of back-office system message formats to SWIFT messaging standards. We support standard connectivity solutions in converting data from proprietary message format to SCORE and more.

Layer 3
Payment Management Solutions

Our software developers engineer a flexible payment infrastructure to integrate with new and existing platforms, third-party payment systems for multiple currencies, and multi-entity/branch operations. We develop mobile apps for advanced payments, payment gateway processing, analytics, and more. Our customized ACH software solutions streamline the process of ACH transfers for financial institutions acting as ODFI or RDFI.

Layer 3
CORE API Integrations

We develop secure API components that integrate with online, mobile, SMS banking, ATM, and other distribution channels. Our API customizations allow for payment and transaction requests, advanced security authentication, and metadata that includes geolocations, comments, pictures, and tags. Our interfaces are user-friendly and have real-time processing, remote capture, and integrations to third-party APIs.

Layer 3
Transaction Management

Our developer's program features for real-time transaction management, posting, multi-currency position keeping and control limits, and authorizations with a validation process for several users. We offer full STP management of messages with settlement platforms Fedwire, TARGET2, and other compatible Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system platforms. We also develop modules for managing savings and investment products and events related to the contract's life.

Loan Servicing and Origination

Loan Servicing
Loan Servicing and Management Systems

The Integrity Webs create custom loan servicing systems, and Loan Management Systems (LMS) for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. These systems contain robust features for loan origination, underwriting, amortization, processing, and disbursement. We also track various loan types including personal, business, student, mortgage, car, instalment, payday, and cash advance.

Loan Decision Support
Loan Decision Support

We engineer Decision Support Systems (DSS), integrated with background check and credit reporting bureaus (Experian, TransUnion & Equifax). These systems contain customizable rule-based engines for risk assessment, using third parties such as Data X, Microbilt, Clarity, and Decision Logic.

Loan Amortization Calculation Software

We program multiple loan rates, including fixed, variable, step-rate, credit lines, multi-draw, Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM), interest-only mortgage, term, commitment, and non-revolving. We also support multiple interest calculations, including simple, compound, regular periodic, actual days, and the Rule of 78s.

Loan Settlement
Loan Settlement Software Platforms

Our expert programmers create debt payment and settlement platforms that feature automated billing and auto debit. These platforms support Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments, credit cards, bank accounts, electronic wallets, and other payment types. We provide the best loan processing and disbursement software solutions by leveraging third-party vendors like BlastPay and AutoPal.

Custom Loan
Custom Loan Servicing Portals

We program loan acquisition portal software, integrated with CRM platforms, for accurate data capture, pipeline management, and account aggregation. We code self-service customer portals for document management, statement and balance viewing, payment processing, and payoff calculating. We also develop borrower and creditor dashboards for managing multi-lender and syndicated loans, co-borrowing, multiple loan officers, and Metro 2 credit reporting.

Loan Origination
Loan Origination Systems

We program Loan Origination Systems (LOS), including modules for online loan applications, underwriting, credit pull, decision support, conditions tracking, and more. We develop loan document management applications with upload, parsing, data extraction, document storage, and document preparation features, integrated with compliance management modules.

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