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In the wake of Pandemic, the internet users have surged upwards and people have started surfing incessantly on the web about the products they are intending to buy. From sanitisers, mask to apparels they rely on the digital world to provide them with the relevant information and cater to their needs. Marketing has always been about building connections with your target audience and reaching out to them wherever they are. The present scenario has induced them to mark their presence actively on the internet. Hence it is the right opportunity to take advantage of their searches and boost the engagement by fulfilling their needs.


Digital marketing has become the leading marketing tool in the hands of marketers to promote their brands on diverse digital channels such as websites, search engines, email, social media and mobile applications. It has emerged as the major platform to gain an insight into the ongoing trends. Over time, online marketing has evolved as the dominant space for the brands to conquer the online world and reach out to the target audience. The Virtual world guides brands and marketers about customer behaviour, their likes and preferences through various custom tools available online. By digging deep into the insights, marketers can unravel various strategies put forth by the business dynamics and craft schemes that aim to achieve brand awareness and foster relationships with potential customers. Once the trust is built, customers start behaving in a way you want. All you need to implement is the smart plan for your digital landscape.

Building blocks of digital marketing

The term digital marketing encompasses multiple components that can be used to establish a connection with the customers. The understanding of every component of digital marketing is imperative for your digital growth.

● Pay-per-click: Pay-per-click advertising is the brilliant online marketing strategy to improve your rankings on the search engines. It is the successful digital marketing tool to target the potential customers who are interested to buy your products or avail your services. The best part about PPC is that you only pay when your customers click your ads. It helps in promoting brand awareness and in generating leads. Hence, it is the key to convert the clicks into customers.

● Search engine optimization: SEO is the process of driving traffic to your website through organic search results. It is the most important component that increases the visibility of your brand through relevant search results. Using the effective keyword research tool can be a game-changer for your business. The Keyword is the word or a phrase that your audience uses in the search engines. It is an inherent part of the SEO that helps in promotion, link building, traffic leads and rankings of your page. Communicating in a language which your target customer uses is indeed a strong strategy to foster relationships and build brand awareness.

● Affiliate Marketing: The practice of promoting the products of other companies is called Affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you generate the sales of the products and the company remunerates you for your efforts. It is a good source of earning by sitting at home. You can promote the products of multiple companies concomitantly. All you need is to decide is your niche and the relevant platform where you can promote it.


Email Marketing: In contemporary times, the inbox of the people are bombarded with ads and promotion based content. Wherever they look, they encounter advertisements. Hence, it is important for your business that you make your email newsletter stand out amidst the others. The first step of successful email marketing is to ask for consent. Only if the recipient of the email is interested in your email, then go ahead with your strategy. Email marketing is an important tool to lure your target audience by drafting effective content. It has completely transformed the way of interaction between the buyer and the seller.

● Social media marketing: Social media platforms like Instagram, facebook, Pinterest have emerged as a stepping stone to launch your business, virtually. In the digital era, everyone is scrolling through their feeds to look for aesthetic creatives, engaging content or to keep a tab on trends. People love when they get an opportunity to interact with their brands. This is the most crucial tool to fabricate brand awareness and build a healthy and effective relationship with your audience. Your active presence and customer engagement with your brand can help you stay ahead of your competitors.


● Content Marketing: Content marketing is all about building a narrative about your brand and grabbing the attention of the people through effective storytelling or blogs. In modern times, visual content helps in leaving the mark of your brands in the minds of the people. The online environment is getting flooded with engaging infographics and content and this might help your business to reach great heights. Generate SEO based content to reach your target audience. These components of digital marketing will serve as fundamental blocks for your venture. The success through Digital marketing is not achieved overnight, it takes days and nights to achieve the desired goals. If your digital marketing strategy is implemented successfully and effectively, then the growth of your business is going to reach the zenith of the online era.

Going Digital is pivotal for the growth of your business.

Digital marketing helps in unravelling a myriad of opportunities for numerous ways. Let’s explore the reasons why people consider it as a gold mine for digital marketers.

● It helps in targeting the right audience: : The world is a marketplace where the colossal audience is scattered. In the traditional modes of marketing, the only medium to reach them was through print media and television. There was no surefire way to comprehend whether your ads reached your target audience or not. With the inception of new technologies and the digital era, you can demarcate the audience according to your products. You can assess the performance of your promotion through insights. In this way, digital marketing helps to reach the target audience.

● It’s easy to monitor your competitors: Gone are the days when it was not easy to identify the threats in the market. In the digital era, it's easy to determine your competitors behaviour and how they are carrying their business forward. Keeping a tab on your competitors’ provides you with fuel to run the organisation. The market research about what they are doing to entice the audience is crucial to run your business in the long run.

● It provides growth opportunities for every business segment: Earlier gigantic companies and enormous business industries used to wall off the large swathe of small ventures due to their lack of competence and resources. With the changing times, these smaller business units have evolved to be equally dominating and challenging for the larger organisations. The digital world has envisaged the possibility of equal competition.

● It is a cost-effective and time-saving marketing tool: With digital marketing, you can promote your products more cost-effectively than traditional marketing. It encompasses various tools and budgets, to promote your products as per your pocket. You can save a great deal of money by using this form of marketing. It offers additional advantages for your substantial growth. And also saving time is as crucial as your business. Earlier you had to own space to meet your desired customers. This required time and space. By going digital, you can save the excess amount of time and money you invested.

● Higher ROI and conversion rates: The digital business helps in generating higher returns on your marketing investments. Also, the conversion rates skyrocket once you establish your online presence and build trust with your audience.

All these advantages make digital marketing a new definition of efficiency. The present scenario has germinated the prospect of a digital world which is slowly growing into a marketing trend. A concept such as this is the distinguished demand of any industry or market. People who never confide in learning about innovative techniques are relinquishing in knowing about the absolute working of digital marketing. From outsourcing to purchasing, to count on our daily income on this contemporary system of working is solely what makes it stand out from traditional concepts. The variations and the diversification make it a flexible alternative for any person out there trying to approach digital marketing. It is not an addition rather a crucial requisite to any individual or industry which entails growth and evolution.

Writer’s desk: Shristhi Jain

A wanderlust and the poetry lover,
Giving voice to her silence,
Through Metaphors and allegory,
Has carved the artistic way to entice our clients with her creative skills.
Like the thick coat of Dalgona coffee,
She comes up with fresh perspectives.
For Shristhi ,writing is indeed the cathartic exercise

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