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The wave of e-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked global havoc and there hardly remains any industry which is not impacted by the outbreak of this virus. The educational sector crumbled due to the imposition of lockdown across the globe. Schools and Universities screeched to a halt and students found themselves divorced from the learning world. However, despite having endless stumbling blocks, e-learning and online learning emerged as a stepping stone to success.

Even in a time of crisis, learning is ensured. The Universities and schools equipped themselves with the technology to make sure that the knowledge is imparted even during the fractured times. The students and the educators adapted well to the technology and coped up successfully with every mounting challenge. e-learning filled the educational void created by the spread of the virus. It is the means of disseminating knowledge to a larger audience who can access the lectures from the comfort of their homes. In the present scenario, virtual learning has become the need of the hour.

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Role of the Government in making a smooth transition to online learning

The government organisations spared no efforts to give students a cognizant edge over the others and braced them to cope up with the challenges of tomorrow. The significant measures like organising counselling sessions for students and parents, inspiring and motivating teachers to breathe the new normal and upgrade their tech skills are taken by the stakeholders to provide solace to the educators and the learners from the escalating difficulties. The government is also revamping their existing online platforms so that students can broaden their mental horizon and acquire new skills. Such measures are the pressing priority of the stakeholders in making a smooth transition to e-learning and in facilitating knowledge for all.

The pandemic has given a thrust to the e-learning and Online learning platforms

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed our standard of living and the way we perceive our lives. With the onset of the lockdown, the installations of virtual online platforms like zoom, google meet have surged upward and these two terms have become synonymous to our daily lives. The usage of these apps has departed from the office premises to all the comforts of home. It helped the students and the teachers dispersed across the globe to get united, virtually. It ensured two-way communication and assisted teachers in conducting live classes smoothly.

The e-learning platforms like BYJU’S and Khan Academy have gained phenomenal impetus during the pandemic. These online gateways marked the students' interaction with their learning world, more interactive and engaging. Students have completely adapted themselves to the new normal. In crucial times, Digital education has emerged as a champion. It has overcome the mounting challenges lying ahead in the path of education. But there are few challenges that have stemmed from the evolution of e-learning platforms.

The journey to virtual learning is blended with obstacles

The evolution of online learning has brought in the limelight, the stark realities of life already persistent in our society. The online learning facilities have segmented the society into two broad categories highlighting the social inequalities inherent in Indian society. There are indefinite reasons that created the digital divide among the students across the nation, some of them being,

1- Accessibility to resources: The inequality in the distribution of resources invariably has been the major concern of our society. Some students are fiscally stressed and because of this, they are devoid of basic necessities like a room of their own, access to computers and mobile phones.
They are debarred from the online lessons and this broadens the rich/poor gap all the more.

2- Internet connectivity : The urban area is marked with higher internet connectivity as compared to rural areas. Students living in an urban area enjoy the pleasure of accessing their virtual classes with all the comforts. But there has been no diligence shown for the ones residing in the rural area with no access to the internet or poor connectivity, rendering them helpless and distressed.

3- Technological illiteracy: Many students did not step into the technological world before the pandemic hit our country. They have no prior knowledge about its functions. This becomes the major challenge to overcome in order to make digital education a grand success. The technological awareness is a prerequisite to attend the online lectures. Hence, for some students, online learning has trampled upon their ambitions.

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An ode to the positive effects of online learning platforms

There’s no doubt that the road to e-learning is loaded with challenges but there are some positive consequences of virtual learning that might grab your attention.

1- Anywhere and anytime : The e-learning platform offers students a plethora of advantages over traditional educational systems. The students can attend their lectures anytime and from any part of the world.

2- Student-centred approach : The advantage of the e-learning platform is that it centres around the student, unlike traditional classrooms where the teacher played the central role. The student can learn at their own pace and can watch the lectures as many times as they want.

3- Time saving and cost-effective: The e-learning platforms mitigate the cost of travelling and save time. The educators and the learners can interact without incurring any transportation cost and make a virtual arrangement to conduct classes.

The evolution of online learning platforms has drastically transformed our education system. The e-learning technology has offered a myriad of opportunities to students and teachers around the world to engage in virtual classroom lectures blended with creativity and innovation. There are certain challenges which need to be addressed so that knowledge becomes accessible to all the strata of the society so that the voices of the underprivileged citizens are not strangulated.

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Writer’s desk: Shristhi Jain

A wanderlust and the poetry lover,
Giving voice to her silence,
Through Metaphors and allegory,
Has carved the artistic way to entice our clients with her creative skills.
Like the thick coat of Dalgona coffee,
She comes up with fresh perspectives.
For Shristhi ,writing is indeed the cathartic exercise

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