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The word 'social media marketing' has become synonymous to Instagram and Facebook. Only these two platforms cross our mind when we think of this term. But over the years, the definition and the significance of social media has changed drastically. The evolution of other platforms has transformed the way we run our business. Hence, it becomes important to brief all the people out there, striving to mark their business on social media. Through the eight key strategies, you can skyrocket your business. Let's dive in to explore more about this ever-growing marketing platform.

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1- Set realistic marketing goals and strategies.

Before introducing your brand on social media, make sure that you set realistic goals and strategies that align with your business. This is the essence of social media marketing. Without establishing goals, your business would head in the wrong direction. Identify your business goals whether you aim to

● increase brand awareness,
● generate new leads,
● drive traffic to your website,
● boost customer loyalty,
● create a strong community presence.
● Once you identify your goals, the next step is to ensure that the goal-framework is SMART. SMART stands for,

Specific : goals that you define should not be ambiguous. It should be clear, easy to understand and simple. Setting simplistic goals will guide you to channelise your efforts in the right direction.

MEASURABLE: :The goals should be quantifiable. This is where analytics come into the picture. With the help of analytics, you can measure your goals and modify it accordingly as per the circumstances.

ACHIEVABLE: Restrict yourself to set goals that are beyond your brand's league. The established goals should be achievable with the resources available at hand.

RELEVANT: The goal-setting should be relevant. It should concern your business. If the business objective is to increase brand awareness, your goals could be to increase the followers and the overall engagement by the end of the month.

TIME-BOUND: The defined goals should have a specific time frame, starting and the ending date. Time-sensitive goals will not only give you an insight into the failure and the success of the campaigns but will also help you to achieve your goals promptly.

2- Define your target audience:

To build an online presence on the web, you need to identify and define your target audience. Defining the target audience is considered as the best practice before marking your presence online.

● Who are they? (E.g. age, gender, location, demographics etc.)
● What kind of content do they prefer to read? (E.g. entertainment, technology, lifestyle, fashion, sports etc.)
● Where do they prefer to invest their time? (E.g. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. )

Having proper knowledge about your target audience can help you move in the right direction with efficiency. So keep digging until you find relevant information about your potential audience.

3-Select the right media channel for your business:

: Choosing the right social media channel is as important as your brand. Investing your time on the wrong platform will lead to wastage of resources and efforts. You will end up losing your grip on your brand. Therefore, study every platform before taking your decision.

Facebook: It is one of the largest social media platforms which is currently catering to billions of users every month. Facebook provides highly targeted advertising features for its users. Users can customise their ads according to age, gender, location etc. Also, it offers a free insights tool to measure the success and failure of your marketing campaigns, including ads. The most shared type of content on Facebook is a video post.

Instagram: Instagram is evolving to be a great platform to connect with the diverse audience worldwide. It offers great engagement rates and provides the opportunity for users to share photos easily and interactively communicate with the target audience. The IGTV and new Reels feature help this platform to stand out amidst the others.

YouTube:The biggest online video sharing platform is Youtube. Billions of users are active on this platform either to upload their content or to watch the videos posted by others. If you are good at cooking, giving motivational speeches, have a good sense of humour, traveller, or anything, you can create your video and post it here. This platform is the reason behind most of the successful people in our industry.
There are other professional networking platforms like Linkedln, image sharing apps like Pinterest and others where you can build your strong media presence. Invest in the right social media platform and give a hike to your business growth. Once you choose the right platform, you will be able to harness the power of social media effectively for your brand.

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4- Keep an eye on your competitors:

After choosing the right social media platform, research about your competitors in the market. Having a good knowledge about what they are doing and how they are interacting with their target audience is the key to win the race. Try to analyse every aspect of their strategy to fill the missing gaps in your marketing plan. Make use of the insights tool which offers you to measure your performance with the other brands. You can also get an insight into the top used hashtags and the trending posts.

5- Organise your social media profile:

After making a road map for your social media strategy, the next step is to optimise your profile. This step comes after you have chosen the type of content you will be posting to engage your target audience. The content and graphic should be distinguishable and unique. Your feed should be attractive and appealing so that the visitor enjoys scrolling through your profile. The logo should be visible, your profile bio should be concrete and catchy. Keep these relevant points in mind before you kick start your business on social media platforms.

6- Interacting with your target audience:

The key to build your business online is not only limited to spreading a word about your brand on social media. Interacting with your potential followers is the essence of growing your brand awareness and the potential leads. You can comment on their posts, conduct weekly polling, post interactive content on social media platforms so that it allows your audience to interact with your brand, organise contests and reply to their comments. You can grow your business potentially by communicating with your audience regularly. Your potential audience is the fuel to run your organisation. So keep them entertained and engaged through your content.

7-Monitor your campaigns and measure your results:

This is the most important strategy to grow your presence on social media platforms. It's easy to start your business online but it takes efforts to keep it exponentially growing. To ensure that the strategy implemented is correct, keep measuring the success of your campaigns and monitor the results. If the results do not satisfy you, you can make use of the paid promotions to augment the reach of your brand. There are various tools available online, which can help you measure the success rate of your campaigns. Use the insights gained from the results to improve your performance and build the strategies accordingly. Social media offers you a plethora of opportunities to grow your business online. If you are facing challenges in growing your business, you can reach out to the best digital marketing agency in town.The team of digital experts of The Integrity Webs can help you in improving the rankings of your business on the search engines. This agency is proficient in delivering unparalleled results to its clients base. Reach out to us and we'll take care of your digital journey like no other agency in the town.

Writer’s desk: Shristhi Jain

A wanderlust and the poetry lover,
Giving voice to her silence,
Through Metaphors and allegory,
Has carved the artistic way to entice our clients with her creative skills.
Like the thick coat of Dalgona coffee,
She comes up with fresh perspectives.
For Shristhi ,writing is indeed the cathartic exercise

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